Roman Cruise Silhouette Trend of Women’s Dresses

fashion trend dresses

Delicate, romantic, fragile and sensitive qualities are key, in line with the themes in POP’s Plastic-Free Coast reports. Dresses in S/S 2020 are feminine, dreamy and unrestrained. Draping and translucent fabrics are underlined. Delicate lace, stripe-style lace, irregular hems, asymmetrical piecing and the multi-layer neck interpret the romantic girly style.

fashion dresses.jpg

Floor-length, layering styling, irregular hem piecing are underlined for strap dresses in S/S 2020. Delicate floral embroideries and light fabrics are key, creating a delicate and nonchalant romantic vibe.

Floor-Length Strap Dresses.jpg

The layering neck plays a key role. The square neck with frill, updated layered Ruff collar and simplified stitches create a flowing and nonchalant feel.

Dresses with Layered Collars.jpg

Puff sleeves take a feminine and romantic approach for S/S 2020. The puff sleeves and cinched-in waist add a classical and romantic feel.


In addition to irregular hems, irregular piecing is also important. The same fabrics in different tones take the lead for irregular piecing. Lace is added to the piecing part.

Asymmetrical Pieced Dresses.jpg

The layering effect is critical for layered dresses for S/S 2020. Tiered frills, lace in light and dark tone and regular folds update layered dresses.

Layered Dresses.jpg

Refined designs are seen in shirt dresses. The regular pleats on the two sides of the placket is offbeat. Lace can be applied to the shoulder, front piece and sleeves. 3D florals and empire-style sleeves add charm to shirt dresses.


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