Craft Trend of Women’s Knitwear


With the fast-paced urban life, varied values, the change of production modes and consumer behavior, low-paced lifestyles gain traction, and delicate handmade-feel trims make a comeback. In A/W 20/21, beads are combined with embroidery, jacquard and print in lady knitwear.

fashion pattern.jpg

Thick yarn-feel knitwear features the unique 3D texture. Beads and sequins are added to heavy-gauge knitwear for A/W 20/21. Colors and textures are more varied. The delicate handmade-feel crafts elevate knitwear.


In past seasons, argyle, Fair Isle and paisley were mainly presented through jacquard and print. Ganni presents folk argyles with jacqurad, and adds sequins to the surface. The arrangements of dots and lines link to jacquard patterns. The bright reflective effect adds a futuristic feel.

Luxe Folk.jpg

Elaborate and sheeny embroidery sets off matte knitwear well. Beads add depth. Embroidery threads and beads are combined with 3D styling to make a striking contrast.

3D Embroidery.jpg

In A/W 20/21, beads and prints, letter and other elements, bead letters are innovative and appealing.


Patterns gradually become the core. Jacquard, print, embroidery and applique are combined with beads to form complex patterns. Tones and craft layering are key.

Combinations of Crafts.jpg


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