Comprehensive Analysis of Resort 2019 Womenswear in East Gate

market report.jpg

Ruffles are hot all the time. Vintage ruffles layered to be romantic and elegant. Ruffles on sleeves and symmetrical designs are in harmony.

Vintage Ruffles fashion style.jpg

Diagonal letter prints are interesting and playful, and add a street quality.

Diagonal Letter Prints.jpg

Tie-dyed patterns are unique. Contrast colors make patterns stand out.


Color blocking add depth and further enhance the fashion attitude.

Color Clashing.jpg

Checks are relatively unisex. Checks are often arranged in an orderly way, while piecing is more vibrant and unruly. The combinations of one kind of check and other colors make a striking contrast.

Check Piecing.jpg

The irregular piled pleats made by drawstrings are attractive and add depth. Shirring adds interest.


Vintage and attractive florals are stylish. Densely arranged flowers are romantic and deliver a countryside vibe.



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