Delicate Romance of Brand Billieblush

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Billieblush was founded by a French design team in 2012, and it pays high attention to touch and delicacy. Billieblush’s A/W 19 collection features sequins, dimensional embellishments, ruffles and rainbow. Those styles are romantic and playful.

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Rainbow color is often present in S/S. Billieblush extends the rainbow element in A/W 19 into S/S, and details are underlined. Dyed yarns, offset printing, watermark, gold stamping and embroidery are employed to update rainbow. The heart shape is also included to show sweetness and romance.

Detail -- Rainbow.jpg

Billieblush’s dimensional embellishments are more delicate and professional. Appliques, fringing embroidery and pompons are all attractive. Billieblush prefers the combinations of crafts to enrich details and incorporate romance and sweetness.

Dimensional Embellishments.jpg

The combinations of colorful sequins, butterfly, leopard and unicorn strengthen the 3D effect. The sequins on the edge of the hood is offbeat, and the sequins on the pockets add charm.

sequins fashion trend sytle.jpg

Ruffles are much more delicate, and the places of ruffles are underscored. Ruffles on the pockets and quilting lines are attractive and sweet. The pleats on the neck of the dress is stylish and novel. The ruffles on the sides of the set pants add interest.

Ruffles fashion trend style.jpg

Colored lambswool and sequin designs are all different in details. Sheers applied to hoods and the heart-shaped buttons are eye-catching.

fashion style.jpg


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