Sleeves Craft Trend of Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

Sleeves with large silhouettes are key in this season. Pared-back silhouettes and stitches are combined with popular details. Practicality and aesthetics are guaranteed. Sleeves for A/W 20/21 are more elaborate. Stitches and piecing are underlined to create images of new women.


Bracket sleeves will be the key silhouette which is more pared-back. Heavy gauge shows delicate handmade textures.

3D Bracket Sleeves

Layered ruffles are evolved from lace sleeves in A/W 19/20. Small layered ruffles are more practical. Max Mara’s double ruffles are eye-catching. Louis Vuitton’s stripe textures and two-layer ruffles in its A/W 19/20 collection are novel. It is the trend that ruffles will be presented in a stripe form.

Layered Ruffles

Chloé inserts a diagonal lace piece. Lace with logos which are more feminine and seductive can’t be neglected. See by Chloé, the sub-brand of Chloé, adds different kinds of lace according to different sleeve types. Lace is more feminine.

Pieced Lace

Flared sleeves are still prevalent. The opening of new flared sleeves is slight narrower. The piecing of cut pieces and stitches are key crafts. SJ SJ’s beige pullover includes the black flared sleeves made by a different stitch. Alexander McQueen’s cuffs are just like SJ SJ’s, but SJ SJ’s cuffs are more elaborate.

Flared Sleeves

Color blocking is the key trend for A/W 20/21. ENFOLD uses asymmetrical color blocks on the sleeves, and shirting is added. Ruffles are more appealing, forming a special contrast with the bodice. Rag & Bone uses different stitches and colors to form extended color blocks.

Color Blocks

Dissected sleeves are mainly seen on solid items. The change of stitches and cut moves seams. Chloé’s cropped pullover includes inner sleeve pieces with delicate stripe textures which form a contrast with heavy-gauge cables. The dissecting lines are moved in the middle.

Dissected Sleeves


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