19/20 AW KYE Designer Brand for Womenswear


The word “ghost” often shows up in my mind. It is not about spirits or ghouls but more about illusory things and depression. Frequent meetings still show shallow relationships. Lots of people are gradually forgotten. With the development of technologies, more things have changed or disappeared: shopping, money and relationships. All this makes me a little sad and scary.


Cartoon elements are added into ghosts, which feels young and stylish.

Pattern -- Ghostly Beings


Blue sky and vital orange are used as grounds for Paisley Patterns, interpreting the mixing of western and contemporary casual styles.


Colored checks are full of novelties, transforming classic checks into fashion patterns.

Colored Checks.jpg

Elongated fringes enhance the free and easy quality of girls.

flowing decoration pattern.jpg

Rough edges and splicing are applied to denim.

Individual Denim.jpg

In this season, strings are applied into waist and sleeves to show neat and experienced qualities.

Classic Strings.jpg


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