Green Color Evolution for Womenswear

green colorWith the comeback of A/W 19/20 mysterious culture and films, people start to resort to mysterious things, novel films and religious powers for their confusion and unrest. Holiday brings a tranquil and holy feel. It is impressive when applied to garments. The large-scale application of holiday is youthful and vibrant.


Holiday for A/W 19/20 was refreshing, and in A/W 20/21 it feels energetic, sunny and positive.

AW 2021 -- Evolution of Green Tone.jpg

Summer green is fresh, lively and energetic. Its vitality is still striking in A/W 20/21. The large-scale application of summer green in overcoats and trenchcoats add youthfulness.

Summer Green.jpg

As a main color, summer green can be combined with camel tones to deliver a rigid feminine feel. As a complementary color, it can be combined with achromatic colors to make a contrast and bring a calm and feminine sense.

Summer Green 1.jpg

Summer green is mainly used for simple&sophistication to show a simple and slick business sense. Summer green is a main tone for coats; khaki and camel are for inner layers; light blue shirts with narrow stripes are picked up for base shirts. Dressy accessories and jewelries add glamour.

Clothing Collocation.jpg

Pared-back silhouettes are underlined. Designer styles, dressy details and mini deconstructed closures are also important. Summer green is mostly used in a designer style.

fashion trend style.jpg


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