19/20 Autumn Winter Elegant Naturals Design Development of Women’s Intimates

fashion underwear

The intimates are designed for ultimate comfort. They are smooth under clothes and includes feminine details. A non-wired, molded bra with lace detail under the bust has tubular straps for a camisole effect when visible. It pairs with a lace brief with soft elastic waistband.

fashion underwear trend

Autumnal tones of pine green, fig and heather are softened, frosted and lightened for the intimates market. Intense colors are muted to bring freshness. Reds are tinged with gray, berry tones appear glossy, and military greens have a dusty quality, ideal for intimates.

fashion color underwear.jpg

Urban green continues to prevail in winter. These greens work well with autumnal palettes, suitable for versatile items such as lounge knits and bodysuits. Pine greens become lighter to reveal a softer and calmer vibe, rather than the stronger military tones key in womenswear.

green color underwear.jpg

Delicate mauve tones underscored by grey and earthy brown hues bring femininity to autumnal palettes. More seductive than lilac, but less moody than the deep purples that emerged last winter, the lightened richness of fig can be taken in both luxury and casual directions, working beautifully in lace and sheer fabrics. Satin embroidery and satin trims have an elegant, frosted shimmer. As a darker option, and an interesting alternative to black, deep mulberry with a brownish tint, as seen at Lonely, maintains a natural look.

Fig fashion underwear.jpg

Saturated earthy red tones and dusty clay hues speak of natural pigment dyes that create a look of natural depth and gradation. Triumph makes use of two-tone lace, while embroidered mesh is in favor at Free People. A versatile tone that coordinates well with dark and light layers, these clay-dust reds suit bohemian themes, warmly blending with skin tones. They fire up winter palettes with color.

red underwear.jpg

Plain fabrics and knits such as silks and laces feel warm and soft.

Fabrics fashion trend.jpg

Clothing Collocation

Clothing Collocation.jpg

Clothing Collocation


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