Little Heroes Pattern Trend for Kidswear


With the increasing popularity of hero films and cartoons, more people start to pay attention to those heroes. Avengers 4 was a blockbuster; Aquaman and Shazam were also successful. Those heroes are fit for patterns on kidswear.


Hero patterns on T-shirts and sweatshirts are interesting. The hero illustrations also work well on knitted sweatshirts and loungewear.

fashion trend children's style

Adorable heroes are appealing and interesting. Appliques and prints  add depth. T-shirts, sweatshirts and loungewear are fit for the patterns.

fashion style

Little animals in bright colors are interesting when applied to T-shirts and Sweatshirts. Simple print techniques are enough. Interesting and creative appliques like moveable eyeshades enhance interaction.

fashion pattern

For the patterns below, prints and appliques are recommended. Animal appliques can work as color blocks; contrast topstitches underline outlines. Embroidery and print are key for details.

appliques fashion pattern.jpg

Solid lines create little heroes which are vibrant. Hot stamping can be applied on some parts. All-over patterns are fit for knits.

Printing and Other Techniques.jpg

Soft colors and simple lines are used to make adorable heroes. They are fit for babywear.

Soft Color Blocks fashion pattern

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