Mouse Pattern Trend for Womenswear

fashion clothing pattern

The inspiration comes from the Chinese lunar new year- the year of the mouse. In Chinese new year, Chinese people often cut paper and put it on windows. Traditional knitting techniques and embroidery are applied for the patterns.

Chinese Fashion Pattern

Paper cutting has a long history and it plays an important role in Chinese new year. Paper-cutting mice are printed on sweatshirt, which is vintage and directional. Illustration-style mice and linear mice are novel.

fashion looks.jpg


fashion look.jpg

Different kinds of paper-cutting mice in deep red are stylish and auspicious. Embroidery and print are recommended.

Paper-Cutting Mouse.jpg

The combinations of florals and mice are sweet and lively. Girly tones are key. Embroidery and print are recommended.

Florals and Mice.jpg

Linear mice feel complex and delicate. Decorative florals and other patterns in mice are creative. The red lines are related to the mood of Chinese New Year. Embroidery and print are recommended.

Linear Mouse.jpg

Mice in sweaters and scarves as well as letters are innovative and joyous. Personified mice are vivid and interesting. Embroidery and print are recommended.

Illustration-Style Mouse.jpg

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