Ballantyne British Romance


Ballantyne, a Scottish designer brand with a history of more than 100 years, is famous for its advanced intarsia techniques and quality knits. The diamond shape is its classic pattern. Ballantyne had changed from the achromatic lady style to the bright and young style. Wool pieces are more vibrant. Animal jacquards are seen in every season and they are combined with classic argyles. The S/S 2019 collection is dramatic, simple and neat.

fashion inspiration

Ballantyne uses beige and cream as grounds, and prints the introduction on knitwear to create a British newspaper effect. The layouts, blank parts, back and red add a contemporary artistic aesthetic.

Pattern -- Retro Newspaper.jpg

Argyles in Ballantyne’s S/S 2019 collection is much simpler. Retro tones are combined contemporary influences such as dot, line, plane and letters. Hand scrawls and asymmetrical designs add a street feel.


Floral argyles are novel and show a feminine and retro sentiment.

Floral Argyles.jpg

Geometric details are also incorporated in Ballantyne’s S/S 2019 collection. The all-over lines and patterns add space depth. Classic argyles are paired with lines and deep colors are used. Traditional Scottish sentiments are kept and contemporary methods are applied.

Geometric Argyles.jpg

Argyles are teamed up with animals. Delicate intarsia techniques are often applied by Ballantyne. The space-style all-over patterns are presented by printing. Complex patterns and bright colors are highlighted.

Animal Argyles fashion style.jpg

Sfumato makes a comeback. Ballantyne used that technique in its S/S 2019 collection. Printing and dyeing are mainly applied to form ombre effects.

Sfumato fashion style.jpg


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