2020 Spring Summer Statement Sweatshirts Silhouette Trend for Menswear

fashion men's sweatshirts

Sweatshirts in XL sizes are casual, versatile and cosy. Slogans and prints show a street style.

fashion style.jpg

Loose hemlines are novel and impressive. Prints and letters on hems are more complete. The folding and mock lines are casual and natural.

Loose Hemlines sweatshirt.jpg

Half-zip sweatshirts are practical and keep silhouettes intact. Zippers add a rigid quality. The two-layer piecing of half-collar zipper sweatshirts adds depth. Decorative zippers are youthful and vibrant.

Hoods and Zippers

Tapes are more important. Solid or lettered tapes are applied into different places of sweatshirts to add interest. Vibrant neon green tapes with letters are impressive and stylish.

Tapes sweatshirt.jpg

Pockets enhancing practicality and function update looks. Tie-die is also used for the functional style.

Stylish and Functional Hoodies.jpg

Metallic buckles are more decorative than functional. The combinations of buckles and tapes add a strong contemporary and directional effect. Buckles in different places are novel.

fashion style sweatshirt.jpg



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