2020/2021 Autumn Winter Core Punk Metallic Accessories Trend for Menswear


With the rising of futuristic technical and punk styles, lots of brands start to explore the subculture of punk. Metallic accessories play an important role. Bold metallic accessories create an unconventional aesthetic. Piled chains, metallic badges, safety pins, zippers and rivets representing the spirit of punk add a modern and rigid feel to A/W 20/21.

fashion style

Metallic chains are worn in a DIY or piling way to make a statement.

men's fashion style

Metallic badges and crosses are reinvented. Placement piling breaks the punk rules to create delicate and stylish looks.

Metallic Badges.jpg

Safety pins strengthen the punk style. Layered pins are novel. Logos and complex compositions give a modern twist.

Safety Pins.jpg

Zippers are eye-catching, and they are much more novel in colors and types. Decorative zippers are mostly applied into closures, armholes, hems and hats.

Cool Zipper.jpg

At present, rivets don’t just represent the rebellious spirit. Delicate and ornate rivets are seen in this season, which is offbeat and chic.

men's fashion style


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