2019 Spring Summer Recommended Bosie Designer Brand for Womenswear


The theme of Boise’s S/S 19 collection is “Be Fine”. Summer is coming, and let us be children taking our surfboards to the beach. We have grown up and learned to understand our world and take responsibilities. But we never lose our childishness. Let’s us announce our declaration: Be Fine.

fashion inspiration

In Boise’s S/S 19 collection, Polo shirts are reinvented. Multiple colors, creative printed patterns and breakthrough silhouettes redefine polo shirts with Bosie’s qualities.

Preppy Polo Shirts

Bosie is never short of imagination. Different forms, creative patterns, and appealing colors are eye-catching.

Workwear Pockets

Hand scrawls offer a relaxed mood and are reminiscent of childhood.

Hand Scrawls

Color blocks underline depth and bring a lively and attractive quality.

Color Blocking

Contrast edges, different-color piping and topstitches add interest.

fashion style trend.jpg


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