Recommended 2019 Spring Summer Sweatpants Hot Items in Menswear Markets


In April, smart casual dominates, followed by street and athleisure. Lettering is key, and color-blocking piecing is dominant.


Hipanda’s two items in the list of Top 10. Chinese brands like INXX, KKTP and 7CRASH also get seats in Top 10. Smart casual is dominant. Lettering and piecing are often applied.

fashion pants

Piecing, lettering and patterns can add direction and interest to ankle cuffs.

Ankle Cuffs.jpg

Pockets are an important part of garments, functional and decorative.


With the rising of sports, side seams of pants become more diversified. The piecing of materials and tapes is simple and directional. Lettering and silhouettes are stylish.

Side Seam Piecing.jpg

Innovative letters in logos are eye-catching. Small-scale white backgrounds add interest.


Piping is versatile, adding a dimensional effect. The contrast effect makes a statement.


Left: F-LAGSTUF-F was Tokyo fashion brand established in 2014. The brand principle is ” Impartial to Everything”. It is famous for interesting looks and rich prints. Right: Clothsurgeon is a directional and high street fashion brand. Recently, it released the newest lookbook which is offbeat.

fashion brand


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