20/21 Pre-Fall Diversified Blazers Silhouette Trend for Womenswear

fashion style

Pre-fall 2019 designs blur the boundaries between leisure, resort and luxe. Blazer silhouettes trend to be more practical.

fashion style

Widened shoulders and elongated lengths reduce the business effect of blazers. Oversized styles are still the mainstream. Exaggerated silhouettes bring a vintage feel.

Wide Shoulder Oversized Blazers

Waisted looks add newness and accentuate form. Topstitches underline the classic silhouettes.


Cropped boxy blazers will be important pieces. High waistlines accentuate form and show a slick and playful feel.

Cropped Boxy Blazers

Mock-layer blazers are appealing. Different colors and materials add newness.


Belts add a nonchalant mood and make blazers more youthful.

Belted Bathrobe-Style Blazers


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