20/21 Autumn Winter Statement Tie-Dye Pattern Trend for Womenswear


Tie-dye makes a strong comeback. The effects can be romantic, exceptional, colorful and elegant. MSGM, LV, VOGUE, Stella McCartney and CLOT all use tie-dye.

Catwalk Looks


fashion Styles

Refreshing Tones

Understated and elegant tones are romantic and beautiful. Print is recommended.

Refreshing Tones

Elegant Blues
Blue tie-dye is mysterious and elegant. The watercolor texture is made through sfumato. Print is recommended.

Elegant Blues

Black and White Tones
Black and white tie-dye is reminiscent of Chinese paintings. Print is suitable.

Black and White Tones

A range of colors form eye-catching graphics, which is unique and bold . Print is appropriate.

colorful pattern



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