The Queen of Spain visited the victims of Africa

Queen Letizia of Spain

In the past two days, Spain Queen’s Letizia has been visiting Mozambique in Africa. Some parts of the country have recently been affected by the hurricane, and now it is flooding. Letizia deliberately rushed to the disaster area to visit the victims in Africa. Queen Letizia is very popular in Spain. She has never been vomited because she was married to the Spanish royal family. Instead, everyone respects this dignified and elegant queen.

2Queen Letizia of Spain

On the day, Letizia is also wearing a convenient trousers for a trip, a beige suit and a pair of 9 pants to show a sense of skill and atmosphere. The white lace inside just neutralizes some of the formal feelings brought by the trousers that reflecting some feminine and little sexy. Letizia’s makeup is close to nude makeup, and it is more intimate with light makeup.


Because she went to see the victims, Letizia also wore a red vest of the staff, it was very grounded. The Queen of Spain was very intimate and chatted with the children and women in the disaster area. And this kind of approachable affinity has really touched the local people. In fact, Megan of the British royal family has always been committed to charity, but everyone sees more that she is showing off her body and temperament every time, and Letizia knows what kind of clothes to wear on, Such an occasion is more about giving some care and greetings to the local victims rather than patronizing themselves.

Spainish Queen Letizia


However, Letizia’s temperament is radiated from the inside out. The straight hair style of the day is also very chic, and the tail is slightly buckled inside that was creating a gentle and ladylike feeling. And Letizia often wears high heels when she usually appears, and this time she put on a pair of nude Brock-style flat shoes, even if she does not wear high heels, the gas field is still unstoppable.



Compared to Megan’s and Princess Kate’s dressing, Letizia’s different style is so suitable for different occasions. Letizia is also very precise in grasping the fashion elements, and unlike the old clothes that she used to wear a few years ago, like princess Kate’s style is a little outdated.

Letizia and her daughter

This polka-dot blouse with wide-leg trousers shows her long legs, and as the mother of two little princesses, she is still very well maintained at the age of 46. It can be seen that Leticia is very Like this simple combination, the high waist pants are even more perfect proportion. For example, it is like a black and white match or a single color which is the queen’s favorite.

Leticia's wine red color dress

Of course, as the Queen of Spain, it is necessary to show her noble, such a long sleeve red lace skirt shows the court style. Letizia rarely put her hair up like this. She looks more delicate and sophisticated when she puts her hair up. This kind of waist skirt is very age-reducing, with black high heels, so gentle around the king. Letizia is very thin, so it is super fascinating to show off her shoulder-clavicle.

Letizia's red long dress

And such a red cape skirt is even more amazing, Letizia’s hair is slightly curls with red lips who is changing the style of the nude makeup of the past, at first glance, there is such a sexy like Monroe. And such a wrap red dress is actually a test of the body, a little bit of a small belly is very obvious, but we can see that the body of Queen Letizia is very tight that can not pick any problems, fully Noble and luxurious.


Even if  she with the powerful first lady Melaniya of the United States in the same box, she will not lose it! Letizia has a pink wrap dress with pink high heels, and Melaniya’s print dress is also a noble atmosphere. The lines of the two women are very tough, so they all have their own sense of domineering! And the pink skirt of Letizia is more gentle. In fact, it can be seen from the combination of the queen or the first lady that the simple style is suitable for all occasions.


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