2020/2021 AW Analysis of Women’s Designer Brands M.Y.O.B NYC


M.Y.O.B NYC is a street fashion brand for cool girls. Some celebrities like Sita Bellan and StarsXu all favor M.Y.O.B NYC. Deconstruction, print and overlaying are used to combine the American and Japanese styles, showing typical street looks.

M.Y.O.B NYC's fashion style

Newspaper Pattern
Newspapers are used as patterns along with interesting letters.

Newspaper Pattern

Application of Leather
Leather is included to enhance designs.

Application of Leather.jpg

Structural Denim
Deconstructed denim has an overlaying effect.

Structural Denim.jpg

Cycling Shorts
As a popular item in 2019, cycling shorts can be matched with large-silhouette coats layered over tight tops.

Cycling Shorts


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