Clooney’s 41-year-old lawyer’s wife Amal is wearing a white pencil skirt


George Clooney’s wife, Amal, is a very well-known beauty lawyer in the UK and she is also regarded as the most beautiful lawyer by the British media. Amal is quite successful in her career, and her clothing is also top-notch. It is said that the woman at work is the most fascinating, and Amal can be dressed very delicately every time when she appears. After Amal and Clooney got married, they gave birth to a pair of children, but now she is 41 years old, but she is still beautiful.


On April 23rd, local time, Amal Clooney came out of the street and appeared in a creamy white suit. This figure is very slender. It is not like having a baby! The inner wrap skirt outlines Amal’s supermodel body. In fact, with her temperament and looks, she can enter the fashion circle or the entertainment circle. And Amal had been able to easily get on the cover of “vogue” magazine, which is the ultimate goal of many girl stars!


Amal’s dressing is very simple, this wrap dress, with a small cardigan of the same color, the design of the small V-neck is full of details. The light brown bag is also atmospheric and dignified, fully in line with her role as a lawyer! Nude-colored high-heeled shoes perfectly show Amal’s leg lines. It can be seen that there is not much exaggeration in the overall shape. Any piece that comes out of a single item is a classic one.


The design of the white pencil skirt reveals Amal’s long legs, which are from the brand Zac Posen, while the short blouse with a small fragrance adds a formal feel to the overall look, clothing cuffs and neckline those are all exquisite flowers and edging, which neutralizes the sense of dullness and singleness that are often easy to wear in the workplace.


Amal married with Clooney, although she was 17 years younger than Clooney, but such a pair, perfection has not been criticized. I feel that all aspects of the two are very well matched. Amal’s economic aspect certainly does not need to rely on Clooney. In the United Kingdom, Amal’s reputation is not lost to Clooney. Last year, I attended the wedding of Princess Megan and Prince Harry, and the two men joined hands to show up, and Clooney was at the time.


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