The Royal Family attended Queen’s 93rd birthday

On April 21st, on the occasion of the 93rd birthday of the Queen of England, she was radiant and she led 16 British royal family members to hold an Easter service at St. George’s Church. The old birthday star who is wearing a light blue suit on the day, the red flowers on the hat add a lot of energy to the dress.

Queen of England.jpg

Kate and Prince William walked in the front who is leading the members of the royal family to the scene. When go to the church, the Queen walked past Kate, she smiled and cursed her grandmother, so graceful and decent.

British Royal Family.jpg

At the event, 37-year-old Kate Princess chose a spring-filled lavender dress with a grey beret, clutch, and pointed heels. Coupled with her complete set of Robinson Pelham wedding jewellery, the whole model is elegant and feminine.

Princess Kate

This lavender coat, Kate once participated in the event in 2014. Compared to the foremer fresh and simple style, due to the embellishment of the chest oak leaf diamond brooch, this overall shape is a bit more generous and noble. It is worthy of being the strongest king of the United Kingdom, and every time she wear old clothes, she can play new tricks. The tail has made a large volume of shawl long hair, naturally and the face is elegant, and a three-dimensional hat with a sense of design is very textured.

Princess Kate.jpg

Kate and Prince William was talk and laugh along the way, and from time to time, a gentle look, sweet and warm, broke the rumor that Prince William derailed Kate’s girlfriend. Princess Kate dresses in a dignified atmosphere, with an elegant lilac shape that looks fresh and elegant, and the lines are very long and slender. Have had three baby bodies or keep them very good!

Kate and Prince William

Kate and Prince William two

Compared to the sweet peers of Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry is a bit lonely. It is reported that Megan is due to the child’s expected date of birth, and there is a possibility of production at any time. She can only be alive at home, and Prince Harry is alone at the birthday party.


Although Princess Megan could not arrive at the scene, she shared her blessings to the Queen through social media. She wrote: “Happy birthday, madam, grandma. I wish you a wonderful day! Harry and Megan.”


Prince Harry, who was alone at the event, but he was not unhappy at all. He was filial and careful. He even chose the color matching with his grandmother’s suit when he chose the tie that he was wearing on the day.

Queen’s 93rd birthday, Kate Williams loves to show up in deep affection, Megan absentee sweetBritish Queen

Seeing that the children and grandchildren are so excellent and filial, the longest-serving monarch in Britain should be very pleased. I hope this stylish and lovely old man has a happy birthday and a long healthy life!


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