2019 Pre-Fall Retro Gucci on Catwalk for Women

fashion trend

The Pre-Fall 2019 collection of Gucci is inspired by 80s styles. Sumptuous, intricate and refined details are key. The interactive campaign is full of interest. Some models are eating French fries, cakes or drinking coke. The playful lookbook is in line with the taste of young customers.

fashion trend

80s saturated colors including rose red, flame red, primrose yellow, grass green, purple, orange and blue are everywhere. The brights are dramatic and stimulating. Retro neon tones take us to the fantastic Utopia.

Saturated Bright

80s broad-shoulder suits and three-piece sets in checked, printed or worn-out fabrics exude a nostalgic vibe. Fringes, sequins or embroideries carry a luxurious touch.

Three-piece Set

Art Deco gains popularity in the fashion world for its intricate extravagance. Mohair, animal-print fur and folkloric blossoms bring a luxurious and romantic quality to elongated coats.

Elongated Coat

Sumptuous, retro florals are refreshed in this season. Wallpaper patterns feel creative. Opt for jacquard and beading to create a unique aesthetic.

Retro Flower

Brand logos blend with folkloric geometries and flowers, resulting in a psychedelic effect.

Folkloric Logo.jpg

Quilted coats in glossy PU feels elegant. Elevated velvet has natural luster and draped touch, delivering a slouch style.


80s disco style makes a comeback. Shiny accessories such as sequins, rhinestones and velvet appliques reflect nostalgic glamour, added with playful patterns.


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