The small suit and shorts wind fashion street style was started to fire

In recent years, women’s suit style has become more and more popular, and people have begun to realize the mature intellectual beauty of women who is wearing suits, but suits and trousers are too formal, it is not suitable for every occasion, what kind of match will be more fashionable? The “Bermuda Shorts” appeared to be the perfect combination with the suit. Let’s take a look at the wear of these big shorts.

Look1. Leisure street style

fashion trend style

The combination of big shorts and suits can be said to be very casual and fashionable. A set of suit tops and shorts are just a simple pair of casual shoes. It is very gentle, even if it is matched with a bag or a fisherman hat,sunglasses, those are full of full-spirited, to wear short legs, it is really the welfare of the sister.

new fashion style

Black high-necked tight-fitting umbilical top with black close-fitting denim shorts, a good figure to reveal, with a gray plaid, let people feel tall and straight, with a pair of pink sneakers, really very contrast beauty, the movement of a hand pocket and the cold face are magnified the gas field.

fashion suits

Long  striped section with the high-waisted Bermuda shorts of the same pattern, that giving a petite and sensible look, with a wild white round neck T-shirt as a base which is also very youthful and lively, with a long black and red The combination of stockings and silver-painted pointed shoes and yellow frameless sunglasses is really cool.

fashion trend style

The army green small plaid loose suit and white shirt grass green tie, black high waist big shorts match, it is really gives a retro Hong Kong style, black bag wrapped in a black big bag in the chest, Black stockings and black casual shoes are not awkward, but more avant-garde.

fashion trend style

Solid color suits are the most common, black long straight with beige fisherman hat, is also very gentle and generous, there is no bottoming in the clothes, the vague micro-milk fashion is more charming and attractive, the white on the feet Casual flat shoes, although not as long as high heels, are more suitable for comfort.

Look2. suit shorts and running shoes

fashion trend style

The white “Western Bermuda Shorts” and the white “Bermuda Shorts” are no match for the white suits and pants. The white big clutches and clothing are very harmonious. At the same time, the beauty of the blonde is also highlighted, black and white. As soon as the shoes were put on, the tightness of the suit was removed and it was more aggressive.

fsahion trend suits

The slim girl is wearing a gray suit and shorts, and it looks like a bf wind. This dress is also very suitable for spring, white stockings and old shoes, red bags are very conspicuous, retro sunglasses one Dai, it really looks like simple, but it is the focus no matter where you go.

Look3. Suit shorts and shoes

fashion trend style

Since it is a very good match of “Bermuda shorts”, then naturally what kind of shoes can be shackled, light gray striped suit with the same color large shorts, white shirt makes the whole person look fresher and more tidy. The black handbag and black round sneakers show the temperament of professional women.

fashion trend style

I have to say that this suit is really amazing to me. I didn’t use the traditional suit fabric, and the lace hollow and embroidery design made the whole person have a royal aristocratic sense. There is no feeling of the little girl that “this killer is not too cold”? High-top leather shoes and black small handbags are also cool.

fashion trend style

The costumes on the T-stage are naturally more refined than in life. The gray irregular suit tops are paired with white chiffon shirts, with high-waist loose shorts, and the blue fish print on the shorts is really eye-catching. The red and white chain pouch adds a sense of youth, and the black pointed leather shoes are out of the arrogant and cool atmosphere.

fashion trend style

The red plaid suit and the white shirt tight-fitting turtleneck sweater will not give a fancy feeling, but the high-waist denim shorts with a kind of hip-hop style will tie the hair neatly, and the red long boots are really very fascinating, and at a glance it’s a fashionista who will wear it.

fashion trend style

The black and white style is really irreplaceable in other colors. The black suit combines the design of the tunic suit. The lace of the white shirt is exposed on the wrist. It is very fine. The combination of the mesh polka-dot socks and the white high-heeled shoes is more lively. The cute, brown crocodile leather clutch is really more expensive.


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