What is different between tie dyeing and gradual change

The coldness of the black and white as the main color has been popular in the fashion circle for so long, and now there is a gradual trend. A variety of brightly colored print elements began to take over, with tie dyeing and grading being the most popular color in the fashion industry.

But many people can’t tell the difference between tie-dye and gradient, or simply think that they are the same thing, but it is not like this.

Fashion Tie Dyeing Style

Fashion Tie Dyeing Style

Tie-dyeing is a traditional dyeing process of the folk. It is a combination of various forms such as yarn, thread, rope and other tools, such as yarn, thread, rope, etc., and then dyeing. Gigi Hadid’s T-shirt and Abby Champion’s sweater are all made by tie dyeing.

Fashion Tie Dyeing Style

The gradation is a color change from light to dark, or from deep to light, or from one color to another. Naza’s long skirt, spring and summer trench coat, and Zhong Chu’s cardigan all use gradient as the main element.

fashion style

To sum up, the difference between tie dyeing and gradual change in one sentence, that is: tie dyeing is a craft, and gradation is an element. The finished product made by the tie-dye process must have a gradual effect, but the gradation effect does not have to be completed by the tie-dye process.

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