French women’s fashion style is too romantic and gentle

Maybe many people have seen French movies. The feeling of being very romantic and very warm who can not be forgotten for a long time, especially the French women who is very romantic in the movie. I believe that every young lady wants to try to French women’s style. Dressing up and feeling the warmth of a French woman, today, we have prepared a lot of French women’s style to you, it is absolutely fits your appetite!

LOOK1: Gentle French Style  – Polka dot skirt or striped skirt

White and black dot style

Polka-dot skirt is not only suitable for Chinese girls, but also it is fits for French girls, it is a very warm representative. Wearing a white polka-dot one-piece dress with a black background, the design of the square low neck collar is enough beautiful.

long white dot black dress

If you wear a polka-dot dress, we try to choose a long polka-dot dress which is preferably a knee-over style. The size of the wave point should be controlled as much as possible in a circular wave with a diameter of 2-3cm. For the high heels, you can try to choose a thick heel, and the heel is 5-7 cm as well.

French Style

Many styles of polka-dot skirts is not only adds a white wave point design to the skirt, but also adds a variety of flower print designs to the group. This day, the split-wave skirt is a good representative. So It is recommended to choose a dress with a lot of polka-dot elements, which looks very messy and uncoordinated.

Striped Dress

Compared with the polka-dot skirt, the striped skirt can enhance the temperament of the girl, and according to the differnce of stripe colors and styles, the temperament that can be presented layered, such as this light black striped skirt. It seems that the wearer is very warm.

Fashion Style

The type of this dress belongs to the cake skirt. The color of the skirt is light flesh-colored, and it has no sleeves. It is designed for the vest, and the design of the collar is large. It is designed for the low-cut collar and it has a pair of orange-red feet. Flat shoes, it is very simple and beautiful.

LOOK2: French Brown Skirt or Tight-fitting Hip Skirt

Fashion Brown Style

If you don’t want to wear a loose-fitting one-piece dress, we can try to wear such a dark brown one-piece hip skirt. Just like this hip skirt, the overall design is relatively low-key, and the length of the lower skirt is just right. I have to say that there is especially a scent of a French woman.

Fashion Style

Matching Guide:  To wear a dark brown satin one-piece dress, it can be such a white printed one-piece dress, then wear a pair of belt sandals with the same color as the skirt and a dark brown hand. The package has a particularly strong sense of unity.

fashion style

Compared with the one-piece skirt, the skirt can easily form a layering. For example, we can wear a white solid color camisole on the upper body and a brown loose skirt on the lower body. It looks particularly warm.

fashion style

If you are a good-sister lady, we can wear a tight-fitting knit sweater on the upper body to show our proud figure, and then wear a dark brown short hip skirt on the lower body to looks more beautiful.

LOOK3: French Cowboy Style from a Foreign Country

Fashion Style

French girls is not only beautiful when wearing a one-piece dress, but also it is wearing a skinny jeans. For example, we can wear an orange polka-dot chiffon shirt on the upper body and a dark blue body on the lower body. Tight jeans, a bucket bag is also very beautiful.

Fashion Style

Compared with skinny jeans, loose denim wide-leg pants can be more casual after wearing. We can wear a black striped tight-knit sweater on the upper body and a wide-leg jeans on the lower body.

fashion style

Striped long-sleeved t-shirts can be more casual, we only need to choose a long-sleeved t-shirt with a thin stripe style, to wear a pair of seven-pointed cat jeans and a pair of pointed shoes on both feet, it is not only very temperament, but it is full of mature temperament.

In fact, French women are not born to be very warm, but they will choose the color and style of the clothes, and the style is very perfect. If you like the temperament of French women, I believe this article will help you to solve the problem.

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