2019 Spring Summer Analysis of Designer Brands for Millennial Denim

Demin Coat

Denim is timeless in fashion industry. Many colors are available, and deconstructed rough edges are of street fashion.

demin coat

Waist-High Jacket
In this new season, waist-high jackets gain traction. They emphasize waistline. Color-clashing splicing, topstitches and prints are used.

Waist-High Jacket

Denim Overalls
Based on the cool girl style, contrast colors and letter prints are added to enhance street fashion. Slouchy silhouettes and colored denim are combined to show the girly preppy style.

Denim Overalls

Splicing of Different Materials
Splicing of shirting and denim, chiffon and denim, suit checks and denim, satin and denim, sports knits and denim is modern and appealing.

Splicing of Different Materials

Street Prints Denim
Prints and patterns like logos, vintage patterns and street graffiti can have a great impact on denim. Designers also use heavy industry washed fabrics to present those prints.

Street Prints Denim

Eccentric Deconstruction and Wearing out
Wearing process on denim is still popular. Distressed and wearing process is applied to placket, neck, deconstructed lines, and etc. Different rough edges on different silhouettes are eccentric.

Eccentric Deconstruction Demin

Lots of waist darts are applied to denim dresses. Waist-controlled silhouettes are fit for all seasons. Comfortable and stretchy heavy denim is of vintage lady style.

fashion demin


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