Except Morland Color, “First Love Color” Looks Better

Spring is full of fresh and vibrant seasons, and even the air is filled with sweet taste.

fashion color style

Gentle and fresh tones like the warm sun of spring.

Wearing it that just like wearing a flowing sun.

Warm and full of life.

blue theme color

The built-in ageing effect is also great.

Let you be like a goddess.

Crystal Powder Pink

pink color

Most gray tone or white powder women can easily control this crystal powder pink color , but also it visually have a feeling of kindness, gentleness, and good relationship. It is creating a subtle sweetness of this “first love”.

long coat

This kind of crystal powder pink sweater or coat can create gentle sweet temperament which makes people enchanted.


With a pair of jeans, it’s simple and casual, the pink-blue contrast is very good.

pink color sweater

With floral dress inside, and the French girl feels like it.

pink color style

This year’s hot trend of tooling style and suits, you can choose a crystal powder pink, it is full of good temperament.

pink suits

The addition of crystal powder makes the suit set a new life, thus explaining another style!

fashion style

As a time inside, the pink and blue contrasts looks very good, the gray coat is high enough, and the color of the whole person is instantly atmospheric.

Temperament fog blue

fashion blue style

The smoky blue is the blue-gray with low brightness and low purity. This hues of color can not only neutralize the yellow gas of the yellow skin, but also highlight the advanced temperament.

blue suitessmoky blue coat

In the suits, the smoky blue is also more common, and the style is elegant and excellent!

sweater and dress style

The smoky blue sweater is warm and high, and the same color skirt combination is more temperament, it is very suitable for a neutral color to light up.

blue shirt

The smoky indigo shirts match with dark blue is clearly layered;

blue shirts

Smoky blue sweater with silver wide-leg pants looks casual and avant-garde;

blue coat

The smoky blue trench coat with printed skirt is elegant! In short, everything is full of temperament.

Gentle milk color

The most precious thing about first love is that it is pure, and the warm and pure milk tea is just that one that does not dare to reach out to disturb the purity.

long v neck dress

People will look more energetic and elegant. Your overall shape will also look light.


white sweater

A tea-colored sweater makes you feminine, but the low-key is the gentleness of the overflow screen.

long coat

Like the yellow-skinned star, the camel and caramel colors are not easy to control, but the color of the milk tea is very lining the skin.


A simple tea-colored skirt with black inners and ankle boots will not be too arrogant and just out of the way.


With white wide-leg pants is even more elegant!

fashion coat

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