2019 Autumn Winter Analysis of Benchmark Brands of Women’s Knitwear

Time/Mine/System Fashion Styles

Brand Introduction
The Handsome owns three lady brands: Time, Mine and System. Yarns, cutting and stitches in fine needle knitwear from the above brands are all high-quality. In 18/19 A/W, let’s check their new design ideas.

fashion brand

Sailor Collar
The design team of the Handsome is always at the frontline on fashion. In 18/19 A/W, sailor collar has been employed a lot on simple silhouettes, which is critical for knitwear design. We also mentioned in trends reports that in next season more design elements will be integrated in to sailor collar.

Sailor Collar Fashion Styles

Neck is an important part for garments, and so is hem. More hem designs are present in this season. Time not only makes some unique change on hem, but adds letter to make knitwear more stylish. System’s hem and bodice are in perfect harmony, which improves the body outline.

Hem Neck Fashion Styles

Subtle Line
Line is widely used on lady knitwear brands. In 18/19 A/W, Time, Mine and System continue employing color-contrasting threads. Bracelet embroidery and color-contrasting seam threads are both applied smartly.

Subtle Line Fashion Styles

Splicing is more elaborate for those three brands. Splicing of different materials is mostly applied on some parts to add depth.

Splicing Fashion Styles

Transparent Silks
We could the more practical and creative way of employing transparent silk — partially application. The decoration of transparent silk on cuff, hem and even neck can enrich styles.

Transparent Silks Fashion Styles

3D knit is also all-in-one. That knitted garment shows elegant outline and brings a natural and comfortable feel. Time and System are good at making all-in-one knitwear. Their styles are much more fashionable.

All-In-One Fashion Stylesfashion styles

Elaborate Silhouette Designs
Silhouettes of Time, Mine and system are simple and neat, with a futuristic modernity. Elaborate silhouettes exude a simple yet delicate style.

Elaborate Silhouette Designs

Knitted Dress
Knitted dress is very important for those brands. Leisure silhouette, splicing and delicate details should all be paid attention.

Knitted Dress

Fashion Styles

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