Fashion Tea Dresses for fashion icon

In the past, the most relaxed time of the European aristocratic lady was the afternoon tea time. At this time, they don’t have to wear gorgeous clothes. They can wear beautiful and comfortable clothes with their own minds. This beautiful and comfortable clothes is tea dress. It is the prototype of the rest skirt.

Victoria’s supermodel Martha Hunt

Mini dress formula = dress + mini bag + slippers

The pattern on the tea dress is mainly composed of polka dots, florals and solid colors. Together with the unique style of tea dress, the whole will give a retro feeling. The difference in detail will also make the tea dress look sexy or fresh.

green v neck style dress

Foreign actress Selena Gomez

Mini dress formula = dress + shoulder bag + small white shoes

The A-line skirt is especially suitable for fairies with lower fat and pear shape body. It can block the imperfections of the body, but also highlight the place where the body is proud. Selenna is a typical plump figure, so the dress is chosen between the A and H skirts that will not be too full.

Foreign actress Selena Gomez

Foreign lady Paris Hilton

Medium long dress formula = wrap skirt + handbag + high heels

The style of Paris Hilton has not been so stable, but her white tea dress is remarkable, and the echo of the white details is very good. For the tea dress, it is really what kind of match you give it, it can become the style you want, in this case, the commute date is correct.

Foreign actress Selena Gomez

Fashion blogger Krystal Bick

Medium long paragraph wear formula = Puff Sleeve A word skirt + straw hat + net pocket

Fashion blogger Krystal Bick’s pair is perfect for a holiday trip, straw hat/sunglass/woven bag, which is an indispensable accessory for a holiday outing. The tea dress is not only comfortable, but also it adds elegance to the overall look. The A-line dress fashion design can block the small belly, and you don’t have to worry about eating too much, you will be exposed to the small belly. It can be said that it is very intimate.

Fashion blogger Krystal Bick

Foreign supermodel Karlie Kloss

Long wear formula = high slit dress + satchel + high heels

Although there is no supermodel body, as long as you are too slim and not too short, it is recommended to try this challenging tea dress style.

red v neck long sexy dress

Foreign actress Catrinel Marlon

Long wear formula = side split dress + box bag + sneakers

Tea dress with sneakers are very fresh on everyday. With high heels, you can attend important occasions and become the focus of the crowd. It is recommended to wear a tea dress with a simple neck ornament to modify the empty neck, so that the overall balance is more harmonious.

Foreign actress Catrinel Marlon


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