Three New Fashion Looks in Fashion World

European-style is very attractive. Let’s take a look at the following European and American actresses who are not only good-looking, but also very good at dressing. No matter the big coat of the sub-type, the white top or the big red coat can be easily controlled, it is very good.

Look1. Street shot mature wind

Green Lookbook

The big green coat is very atmospheric, so that the whole person does not look fat at all, and the design of pure white bag also plays a finishing touch. Wearing a white hat with a simple green wide-leg type of sweatpants, and his own tall, long legs and extravagance, is liked by people.

green coat with green pants

The appearance of this kind of wearing is highly recognizable, giving a feeling of “advanced face”. Adding fashion to yourself, with short brown hair, European and American style. The sparkling eyes with white sweaters look sexy and feminine, and they all wear their own style. It is very different from the Chinese style.

green fashion style

This kind of highly recognizable clothes will make people shining in the crowd. White shoes and green jackets complement each other. At the same time, with this background, if you wearing this walk on the road, it looks strange at first glance, but it is very feminine. It’s amazing! !

blue shirt and white dress

On the shoulders, a black and gold color-colored bag looks very eye-catching. The long design looks slim and slender. But this combination of navy and white is really very fashionable and very warm. Let the people around you look bright and different.

blue shirt and white dress

The bottom is a royal blue tight-fitting dress with a top white long skirt, and a pair of white high-heeled shoes that make the good figure look taller and more attractive. It is hard to notice. I don’t see the eye at first, it’s not strong; I can see that I have spent a lot of careful thinking behind it. Do you see it?

fashion look style

The same is a set of clothes, this long black and white contrast coat is eye-catching. Unlike the cyan suit above, this black and white plaid jacket makes the whole person look very mature and very warm. Pure white short skirts and over-the-knee boots add personal femininity and sensuality.

Look2. Red hot wind

red coat

People is also like this type of jacket. This big red long coat is paired with a white tight-fitting turtleneck sweater. The tall collar makes the whole person look more modern. If you wearing this walk on the road, it looks nothing strange at first glance, but it is very feminine.

red look

This kind of red dress is instantly attracted the favor of the big ticket otaku fans. The skin of the wheat color is smooth and translucent, which makes the woman admire. The figure looks like a girl, and the red wide-leg trousers wrap the white high-sleeve boots, which is more personal and cool.

Red Fashion Look Style

Such a pair of red high-waist trousers adds color to the overall, high-waist design is also lengthens the proportion of the lower body’s legs which making the legs look more slender. With a bag and a red-hot coat, the whole person looks very feminine.

Look3. White charming wind

white look style.jpg

A beige coat is cool and handsome, with a tough temperament, walking with the wind, making her overall feeling more fashionable. With a white sweater, create a rich layer of a slim trousers, perhaps because of the high-heeled shoes, so that the real individual looks very stylish, very refined.

white sweater and white pants

The white sweater print is on the front, the whole person has a noble retro beauty, the shoulders and short hair make the whole person more fashion and more sophisticated. The people complement each other and blend into one, so that people passing  are fascinated by this body style and can’t extricate themselves.

white style

The long, wide-legged pencil pants in white are paired with high-heeled shoes, with brown-red leather bags and long gold-colored earrings in the hand, and the powerful atmosphere of the T-stage show on the street. The advantage of size, coupled with the charming five senses, mature and perfect wearing, is really awesome! It looks very sensational.






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