Shenzhen Fashion Week: the power of feminine OBBLIGATO ballet dance

With the beautiful figure of the ballet, OBBLIGATO took the new 2019 autumn and winter fashion clothing series – “The Power of Feminine” officially appeared on Shenzhen Fashion Week on March 14, 2019. In the intoxicating atmosphere and exquisite light and shadow of the Coconut Grove Beach show, OBBLIGATO is a swan-like, graceful and graceful figure that shows the soft self-attitude of the beauty. As an upgrade of French romance and high-quality craftsmanship, OBBLIGATO injects a new concept into the autumn and winter of 2019. In the trend of branding independence and freedom, it gives modern women more fashion choices and expressions about beauty.

“The power of feminine beauty” – OBBLIGATO 2019 autumn and winter fashion release show inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet “Swan Lake”, combined with modern ballet art, into the soft and powerful sense of romantic ballet. The release show kicked off with a solo dance by the famous ballet dancer Qiu Siting. In the breathtaking and beautiful aftertaste, the OBBLIGATO model lit the stage with fashion. In the collision of feminine, modern and powerful, the pursuit of the meaning of beauty never stops. The classic romance of Tchaikovsky Ballet is unfinished, and OBBLIGATO is interpreted with this ingenious CreativeShow.

Shenzhen Fashion Week

Fashion Week


In 2019, OBBLIGATO is based on the theme of “the power of feminine beauty”, creating a brand new style of feminine, modern and powerful. In OBBLIGATO’s view, women’s femininity is not weak, and femininity itself is a kind of power. OBBLIGATO began to subtract from the design method, using the hidden and unobtrusive costumes to interpret the elegance, independence, pleasure and true self of the new style. Life is like a stage, they are ready to appear.

The release show is based on sweet, soft, low contrast and asymptotic color. The salt color, cherry powder, milk tea color, amber color and so on reduce the saturation of the color, and the thick texture has a soft and brisk.


The transparent mesh, organza and hand tweed work together to create a beautiful and real world. The hand-crafted materials are exquisitely embellished with floral embroidery, three-dimensional logo printing, lace stitching, and the structural cuts are reproduced more femalely. The glamour, large-profile cascading wear breaks the traditional feminine aesthetic, and uses modern craftsmanship and artistic deconstruction to make modern women more fashionable, advanced and more comfortable.


“The power of feminine beauty” is an interpretation of the harmonious relationship between clothing and people. The seemingly opposite design concepts are combined into one, achieving a balanced aesthetic conveyance, just like the fusion of femininity and power conveyed by ballet art. With the release of the show, the elegant and feminine from OBBLIGATO, in the convergence of melody, color and shape, the sense of power is gradually enhanced, in a smooth visual sense, showing the fashion attitude of freely.



2019 A/W demonstrates the transformation of OBBLIGATO in exploring the positioning of women in new styles – the protagonist, not the princess. They are the heroines on the stage of life, the focal point under the lens and the spotlight, exuding self-confidence from the inside out.

Just like the beauty of ballet, from the long experience of time, OBBLIGATO is always pursuing the deep connotation of clothing, meticulously using the fine craftsmanship and luxury fabrics from the top factories and traditional old machines in Europe.


For OBBLIGATO, fashion is not just an external decoration, but more about the art of shape and God. The combination of high-density lace and large pearl elements emphasizes the sense of power and the romantic femininity of femininity. Through the present, the bow symbol and the streamer decoration are full of thoughts, adding a touch of freedom, mystery and independence.

Accompany you, still, always, forever


As a compliment to femininity and strength, OBBLIGATO 2019A/W protects the beauty and expression of women in every detail. For the brand concept BEWITH YOU, ALWAYS AND FOREVER (along with you, still, always, forever) can be seen everywhere Above the clothing details.

fashion style

LOGO’s deformation interpretation is also a highlight of the autumn and winter series. The double O shape design extracts the two O letters in the brand name “OBBLIGATO”, and the unique design of the O letter and the ballet shoes image is ingeniously designed; The “OBGT” metal letters from the brand name abbreviation are applied to belts, pendants and accessories, such as metal LOGO necklaces and earrings with pearls.

The “OBGT” metal letter belt collides with the gorgeous dress, which breaks the pure feminine like a stone. It is the theme of power and modernity. The print of the “OBBLIGATO” letter is also eye-catching on the coat, showing the brand’s self-confidence everywhere. With personality.

fashion style

fashion bag

fashion jewerly


OBBLIGATO 2019 “The Power of Feminine” Autumn and Winter Show draws the perfect rest in the dance of ten ballet angels, as if waking up from the light and shadow of the ballet dream, as if returning to the romantic rotation .

Children's Wear

Let’s dance, let the stage never end.

Light, smooth, beautiful, without losing strength

Like an unending ballet

Dance forever in the direction of the sky

Open the curtain of OBBLIGATO 2019 autumn and winter

Take you on this journey of beautiful growth

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