Fashion Clothing Styles in Spring 2019

How can French retro wear in the romantic season in the spring? Not only simple and comfortable, but also very temperament. Today, i will take you to see how to wear French retro in the early spring~

Fashion Styles

Of course, in the French dress, the most classic item that must be indispensable is the sea soul shirt. This sea soul shirt is also more detailed than the basic model, the design of the square collar can highlight the shoulder curve and the delicate clavicle, and a little more elegant than the round neck. Simply paired with jeans and flat shoes will be very good. A red silk scarf tied to the neck became the highlight of the whole set. However, the girls who are wide and wide must choose tight jeans.

Fashion Styles

The waist-up top can be said to be the gospel of the flat-breasted sisters. The V-neck style can highlight the delicate clavicle and shift the line of sight to the collarbone. Although the sleeves are fat puff sleeves, but with the deep V-neck and waist design, it looks completely bloated. It’s great with simple high-rise straight pants.

Fashion Styles

The wave element is enduring, whether it is a jacket or a dress, as long as the wave point is full of retro feeling, the wavelet point is more lively, and the big wave point is more elegant. In the spring, a black blouse with a white top, with nude high-waist wide-leg pants, plus a pair of white slippers, is full of retro style.

fashion styles

Of course, there is still a fairy skirt in spring. The wrap skirt has always been an iconic piece of French vintage. The V-neck design is sexy and atmospheric, and it can visually stretch the neck line, which is suitable for short-necked girls. Lantern sleeves and skirts with irregular ruffles are sleek. The combination of polka-dot elements and wrap skirts, with a little sexy in retro.

Fashion Styles

The long-sleeved maxi skirt looks a bit awkward, and the sleeve design is more suitable. The combination of deep V and floral is not tacky, but it is very fresh. With your own belt, you can create a slim waist, which is a must-have item for spring romance.

Fashion Styles

The white skirt is also a must-have item for French wear. The loose version doesn’t look like it’s a little inflated, so we can choose the slim design. The white slim shirt skirt also has hollow elements on it, adding elegance. The button of the shirt can also be freely untied, with a red and white plaid scarf as a hair accessory, full of French style.

Fashion Styles

Of course, speaking of the French style, of course, there are also sweaters. The sleeved sweater is very elegant, and the combination of beige and white is very gentle. Underneath is a pair of black suit pants, simple and comfortable. Muller shoes are more elegant than flat shoes, and a little more casual than flat shoes.

Fashion Styles

There is also an essential knit cardigan. In the early spring, you can put a comfortable soft cardigan outside the wrap skirt, keeping the style and temperature. The dark blue short dress, with the white wavelet point, is playful, with a solid knit cardigan and a retro dark brown shoulder bag that adds a touch of playfulness.

Fashion Styles

The cotton-white shirt is very casual, with a pair of washed nine-point jeans. The bright yellow cardigan is very springy, and the picture looks brighter.

The main feature of French style wear is comfort, and the combination of basic colors gives a natural and casual feeling. Have you learned this simple and refreshing wear?

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