2020 Spring Summer Silhouette Trend for Girl’s Clothing

Silhouette Trend

In this season, jacket and trench coat are more diversified. Drawstring and splicing are renewed. Metallic lustre, hollowed out lace and lightweight fabrics are important to make stylish jackets.


Simple Short Work Coat
Short boxy coat, which is developed from Harrington jacket, is much looser. Cotton is the best option. Simplified pocket and cuff are appealing.

Simple Short Work Coat.jpg

Metallic color-spliced Coat
Metallic colors look futuristic. Metallic color blocks and pastel colors, along with hood, multiple pockets and hem, are renewing.

Metallic color-spliced Coat

Spliced Denim
Splicing of colors and fabrics renews denim. Besides traditional denim color, bright colors like neon pink are more and more important. New fabrics are used for trench coat, shirt, nylon jacket. Oversized silhouette is stylish.

Spliced Denim

Short Girdle Outdoor Jacket
Girdle outdoor jacket developed from bomber jacket is more stylish. Natural colors, washed cotton and nylon are combined with zipper, drawstring and pocket.

Short Girdle Outdoor Jacket

Milk white transparent material looks high-class when used for smock. Pastel colors, sun yellow and forest green are ideal for summer. Half open hooded smock is functional and chic.

Smock styles

Lace can be used for ladies’ wear or unisex style. Lace and mesh make coat more diversified and versatile.

Lace&Mesh styles

Shirring makes garments functional, which could help adjust garments for comfort. Nylon and washed cotton are applied.

Drawstring&Shirring Styles

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