Cold? You Just Need Wool Pants

Winter is coming. Apart from down jackets, wool pants are also indispensable.

Wool is comfortable and can form some silhouettes. Simple pants in wool are delicate.

fashion style

blue fashion style

Warm Pants Have Changed

Hailey Baldwin style

Hailey Bieber wear a sea blue wool pants and a pair of white sneakers. A suit overcoat is a good match.

Caro Daur style.jpg

Fashion blogger Caro Daur chooses a skirt adjusted from wool pants, which is elegant and leisure. The black suit top is a good match.

Gilda Ambrosio style

Fashion blogger Gilda Ambrosio picks up a check wool pants. The neat silhouette and vintage style, as well as the suit top, are stylish.

Gigi style

Gigi white style.jpg

Gigi wears a soft knitted garment, sweater and a pair of wool pants. Some accessories such as scarf make the looks outstanding.

This year’s long underwear pants

You should wear the solid color wool pants this way.

fashion style onefashion style threefashion style two

Wool fabrics look high-class, and so do knitted fabrics and double-faced wool. Items with simple designs are attractive, and so are wool pants. Wool pants in dark, gery or white look sumptuous.

fashion style fivefashion style four

The same tonal matching is simple and high-class. An overcoat is suitable in winter.

fashion style six

Soft wool pants are not fit for exercising. But sporty sweatshirts could interpret sports fashion, which is youthful.

Vintage style? What about check wool pants

fashion style seven

Recently, vintage style makes a comeback. Beret and shoulder pads are a little bit official in daily commuting or in office. A pair of check wool pants could well solve that problem and in the meantime keep warm.

blue fur fashion style

fashion style

fashion style

It is a good option to match check wool pants with suits or solid color items. Suits and furs matched with check wool pants could deliver a retro style.

fashion style

If you want to important events, you could just select items whose colors are in line with check wool pants to be fashionable and individual.

fashion style

fashion style

In this season, warmth is more important than looks, of course. But style is indispensable for fashionistas. Which wool pants do you pick up?

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