Dressed Net Friends in Christmas

Christmas was passed.  Although in China Christmas is not an official holiday, we can also be dressed. Let’s look at some net friends.

This young lady wears a snow-embroidered shirt, deep green sweater and sexy makeup.

green style

Dogs can also be dressed. Small green Christmas jacket is suitable. The left black dog seems a little grumpy since he doesn’t have a Christmas hat.


It is beautiful to dress in a Christmas tree style.

green dress

Girls in a Christmas dress are cute.

chiristmas girl

This lady uses Christmas tree accessories to decorate high heels. The colorway appears to come from Harajuku in Japan.

christmas shoes

Only people in good body shape can try tight dress. And glossy tight dress is eye-catching.

red style

This net friend just puts on a red snowflake sweater, and the “fruits” on the hat are from the Christmas tree.

christmas men

This young lady is very outstanding. All colors just fit in.

christmas women

The dress this lady wears is all red. The big smile is attractive and cute. The Christmas ear muffs are a fit accessory.

christmas women's red style

The dummy in this clothes shop is put on a Christmas tree, which is creative and eye-catching.

christmas style

In all red, this woman must stand out in a crowd. Red is also suitable for the Chinese lunar new year.

christmas women's red outfits

Some women like the vintage style, and dress themselves as poster ladies.

christmas fashion women

This is the Christmas outfit for a ballet girl.

christmas young girl

This is another Christmas outfit for a Japanese girl. Black short coat and red lace dress are suitable for daily life and any other parties.

christmas women's style

Here is another man playing with a dummy for Christmas.

christmas men1

Black women are always in the front of fashion. The charming face, hair and this dress are grabbing your attention.

christmas one shoulder style

Young ladies like simple fashion. With sequins, the dress is dazzling. The shoulder strap is very thin. And the expression seems to say who cares, but in fact she really cares a lot.

christmas women's dress

The pose of this lady is a little sexy.

christmas young women

Why! This is the Christmas style in renaissance.

christmas two women and children

This coat can be worn in daily life or Christmas.

christmas women lookstyle

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