24 years later, Princess Diana’s dress is worth 100,000 pounds

Princess Diana and her husband

Princess Diana was the first royal member to be closely connected with ordinary people, so she was the most popular royal member in the U.K.

Princess Diana's beautiful dresses

Princess Diana was loved by people because of not only her modest and amicable qualities, but also her unique fashion styles.

Princess Diana's white dress

If you check through Diana’s photographs, you could find she liked solid colors. Recently, the English media reported that the 200-pound dress Diana once wore was worth around 100,000 pounds, which is astonishing.

Princess Diana's white long dress

Diana once wore that dress, along with a pair of diamond earrings and a silver tiara, to attend some event. That image has become timeless.

Princess Diana's dress sketch

That dress has been kept very well. Although the dress only cost around 200 pounds at the time, it was customized by specialized designers.

Princess Diana's dress details

The dress is elaborate. Almost every sequin is still shiny and works well.

Camilla's white dress

Camilla, Charles’ second wife, likes white dress, as well.

Princess Meghan and Princess Kate

Meghan’s clothes worn in three months almost cost 600,000 pounds. Since she got married to Prince Harry, her looks have become more stylish.

Princess Meghan and Princess Diana's white shirt

Especially when Megan wears the same style with Princess Diana, it is obvious that Megan’s wearing is more delicate. In addition to the improvement of modern industrial and textile technology, it may be one of the reasons why Megan is willing to spend money! Princess Diana and Meghan's white dress

Diana’s original price of  200 Pounds skirts, it has been sold for 1 million pounds in next 24 years!


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