2019/20 A/W Dress Trend


Human lifestyles have been deeply affected and changed by Internet. The rising of the millennial generation and those born in the 2000s, and diversified global cultures have made a great impact on fashion industry. ” The future era” and “the space age” make glossy fabrics popular. High-tech mixed fabrics are combined with Lurex to form a better texture than coated fabrics. Satin and velvet have come back. Bold prints are applied on soft silk, creating a series of exotic styles. Denim, cotton and blended fabrics still take a share.

Key Silhouettes


Modern females have new demands. Items that can show feminine lines are trending. The vegetarian silhouette is for women pursuing healthy lifestyle.


Knit Suit

Suit is convenient. Knit suits are paid attention to this season. Knitwear is easy to be affected by weather. During months from July to September and in January, the sales of knitwear fluctuate obviously.


POLO Shirt

There are more designs about Polo shirts in this season. The weather gradually becomes cool during from August to October. Polo shirt is a transitional fashion item, and the sales in this season will be increased.


Cargo Skirt

Workwear feature functionality. In comparison to the fluctuation of Polo shirts, workwear are relatively stable. In early autumn, the sales increase a little.


Key Matching

Knitwear & Spaghetti-strap dress

Loose knitwear over a spaghetti-strap dress show a sexy image. Long knitwear stretch to legs; short knitwear and long dress could add depth. Straps could be put on knitwear. Whether using a waistband or not brings different feelings.


Knitwear & Printed Dress

Soft and comfortable knitwear and dress can be matched to show exotic styles. Mixed matching brings distinctive styles and increase sales.


Knitwear & Pencil Skirt

Knitwear could be matched with skirts. Corsages on the outside could deliver a modern and delicate feeling, and add depth.


Street & Pencil Skirt

Slim business skirt can be matched with street top to show a totally different style. The adding of a semitransparent sweatshirt is modern and elaborate. The combination of suits and knitwear are unique.




lululemon, listed in 2007, hit a record of $16,700,000,000, which exceeded Under Armour’s 9,900,000,000. lululemon no longer claims “Sports clothes from yoga,” and instead it claims ” sports brand from a healthy lifestyle.” That means people start to seek a healthy lifestyle in this busy world. With the prevalence of mobile network, everyone could show their outfit online, which indicates that there is a great potential market for sports brands.






Color Blocking on Shouldes


Color Blocking on Edges



Give a Voice

With the prevalence of Internet and rising of social media, free speech is focused on. People like to express their own ideas in cyberspace. Since Hollywood film producer Weinstein was charged with sexual harassment last October, over 70 women has stood out to confront him. Later, lots of people use the topic label of Me too on Twitter and Facebook to publicly describe their experiences of sexual harassment. This “Me too” campaign soon spread around. On April 16, 2018, the Pulitzer Award committee awarded the social media that reported sexual harassment and then led to the protection of women’s rights.


Paper Print




Transparent Check


Polo Collar




Love is always valued in the world. In this modern world, love theme is just like a sweet marshmallow which can cure wounds in heart. From time to time, it can also bring out the desire of purchasing. In this season, Comfort is highlighted. Delicate details and elaborate prints are suitable for women.


Lace Inlay


Puff Sleeve


Waist Smocking Stitch


Hidden Stringy Selvedge


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