Spanish Princess Leonor’s Styles In Wearing

The Spanish royal family is always close to civilians, and so does Queen Letizia. She likes simple sets and dresses, and prefers garments in native brands. Princess Leonor has the similar style in wearing.

The favourite blue

Blue is the favourite color for the European royal families. According to the color card of queen made by Vogue, Queen of England loves blue most.

Queen Letizia often attended events in blue.

Queen Letizia's blue dresses

This year, Princess Leonor attended six events. On five occasions, she was in blue.

Princess Leonor's blue style dresses

That could conclude that blue is the favourite color for Princess Leonor.

Queen Letizia prefers simple dresses and high heels, while Princess Leonor likes simple dress below the knee and ballet flats.

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor once wore a red dress, which is similar to Queen Letizia’s. These two dresses are both with bud hems and below the knee.

Princess Leonor's and her mother's red dresses

This white dress worn by Princess Leonor is like the dress once worn by Queen Letizia. They are white pleated dresses with black stripes on collar and waist.

Princess Leonor's and her mother's black and white dresses

Love to native brands

Nowadays, many members in royal families publicly endorse native brands. For example, Princess Kate often wears garments created by Alexander McQueen or fashion brands like ASOS and topshop.

princess Kate's style from big native brands

Members of the Spanish royal familiy also do the same. They often wear garments belonging to Spanish brands. Some styles are not pricey.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is the high-class and third largest fashion brand established by a Spanish designer in 1980. The daughter of President Kennedy wore the wedding dress of Carolina Herrera; Princess Charlene is also a loyal supporter of Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera

Queen Letizia chose Carolina Herrera’s dresses many time as well.

On Christmas Day in 2017, Princess Leonor’s red cloak is from Carolina Herrera.

Princess Leonor's red coat

By the way, the red dress Princess Leonor wore, which is similar to Queen’s, is also from Carolina Herrera.

Princess Leonor's short red dress

In addition to clothes belonging to native designer brands, Princess Leonor also pick up some ordinary brands.


Nanos is a Spanish brand in kidswear, established in 1963. The main style of it is lively and dynamic. The price range is around 200 euros. Some discounted items could be below 50 euros.

Check the picture below. The top, shorts and boots are all from Nanos. Surely, Princess Leonor is a super fan of Nanos.

Princess Leonor's Nanos look

In the abdication ceremony, this pink dress with lace hem Princess Leonor wore is also designed by Nanos.

Princess Leonor's Nanos white dress

In 2016, when the Spanish royal family sent out Christmas cards, Princess Leonor wore a sweater and white blouses, which belongs to Nanos’ 2015/2016 winter collection. The price of the sweater is 91.88 euros, and blouses 80.39 euros.

Princess Leonor's Nanos Sweater

Apart from native kidswear brands, Princess Leonor also like ZARA.


ZARA was established in 1975. As a Spanish garment brand, it is the third largest worldwide and the first nationwide. Queen Letizia often wears clothes from ZARA under 100 euros.

Princess Leonor's blue and white short dress

Last July, the Spanish royal family went for vacation at Mallorca. Princess Leonor wore a dress with blue and white stripes, which is designed by ZARA.

Princess Leonor's blue Zara dress

During this year’s vacation, she also wear a ZARA’s dress with the price of 22.95 euros. As soon as the picture was released, this dress is out of stock worldwide. Later, ZARA announced it would continue to produce it.

Princess also loves Mango.


Mango was founded in 1984. The prices of this Spanish garment brand is reasonable. Queen Letizia often wore Mango’s garments to attend important events.

Queen Letizia's Mango Style

The year before last year, this white lace dress was just 28.9 euros.

Princess Leonor's white lace dress

Last year, the white dress worn by Princess Leonor was soon out of stock.

As heires to the Spanish throne, Princess Leonor likes Spanish native brands, in line with the image of the Spanish royal family.



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