The Outfits of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are alike

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Meghan and Kate have different ways of wearing. But in Wednesday this week, the clothes they wore were much alike. They all chose the outfit in black and wine rend.

In that day, Meghan visited the kitchen of Hubb community in a wine red dress and overcoat. Black stockings and a pair of black Givenchy’s high-heel ankle boots are perfect matches. And she wore pony tail.

After Meghan visited the kitchen, Kate was present in UCL, which is only a few mile away.

Kate chose the wine red outfit of Paule Ka: a suit jacket and skirt, a high-neck sweater, black stockings, a pair of black high heels. She also wore a pony tail.

This wine red outfit is not new. She first wore it in 2012, and then in 2017.

In the same day last year, Kate wore a wine red dress, a pair of black stockings and black high heels, with a clutch bag of Mulberry. At that time, she was pregnant.

In the same day, Meghan chose the same style as Kate, and she was pregnant as well.

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