Lily Green In 2019 S/S


The Ratios of Colors

According to the data of menswear in fashion weeks from POP, the share of green has started to increase since 2018 S/S. In 2019 S/S, the overall tones were inclined to be bright and light, and green lily will be one of the five key colors in 2020 S/S.


Green Lily — Fabrics of Men’s Knitted Sweatshirts

As a promising color, refreshing green lily perfectly merges the technological feel with nature, and it also brings a big of surprise to S/S.


Fabrics in Green Lily — Catwalk Looks

From the latest catwalk of menswear, we can see that green lily, which is developed from light pink wax color, expresses the attitude of optimism. Whether in French terry , knitted velvet or knitted polar fleece, green lily represents the integration of nature and fashion.


Fabrics in Green Lily — Styles


Green lily on a large part of men’s sweatshirts is a little dull. By adding some color blocks or splicing, it will make sweatshirt fabrics much more outstanding.


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