Formal Dresses Shine Out With Sequins On 2019 S/S Catwalks

Vintage sequins dresses

Vintage sequins become so chic now. They are widely applied to the garments such as formal dress in this season and create a strikingly gorgeous look. Sequins are gaining popularity again.

sequins fabrics

Starlit Sky

The starry night has appeal to women. Designers use sequins, beads and applique to create a starlit sky, which is elegant and romantic.

long sequins formal dresses

Elegant Sequins

The animal patterns made of colorful sequins are applied to the dress, telling a fairy story.

golden long formal dresses

Brands long formal dresses for women in 2019

Iridescent Sequins

The iridescent sequins decorated on the dress add a youthful touch, reflecting the vividness of women.

Iridescent Sequins long formal dress

Intricate Embroidery

Sequins and beads are densely applied to the dress, with different colors creating a unique profile.

Intricate Embroidery long formal dresses

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