3 Styles of Knitwear Fit For Your Commuting In Early Autumn

Knitwear is a favorite of women in early autumn, delivering a leisure yet feminine aesthetic. But do you know how to wear them in this season? Here are three styles we recommend, you can choose the best for you based on your height.

◆ Versatile Midi Cardigan

Versatile Midi Cardigan

Midi cardigans also work well for petite women. Beige and black striped ones are particularly classic, giving wearers a leisure British style.

1000 (1)

Beige and black knitwear are not new, a colorful cardigan is also a good choice, with brights to liven up early autumn. A bold cardigan is definitely eye-catching and thus enhances confidence.

◆ Casual Maxi Cardigan

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Ankle- or floor-length cardigans are ideal for tall women. Lightweight maxi cardigans are flowing on streets, exuding a neat and smart touch.

Color-blocking design

Color-blocking design is also seen on maxi cardigans, making a fashion statement. These knitwear often pair with classic jeans.

◆ British Knitted Vest

British Knitted Vest cardigans

In addition to cardigan, knitted vest is also prevalent in this season. It teams up with a printed skirt for a stylish look, feeling leisure yet feminine.

vintage wine red British Knitted Vest cardigan

A shirt is worn underneath a vest when the weather gets colder. Black, white and gray are classic, but vintage wine red color and elegant pumpkin are also applicable to add freshness.

Knitwear is a versatile item for early autumn, carrying a causal yet feminine aesthetic. The three styles recommended in this report are good options for everyday wear.

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