The Three Key Styles On S/S 19 New York Catwalks You Can’t Miss

Spring/Summer Womenwear

Sweet, sophisticated and minimalist styles are key of the S/S 19 New York Fashion Week. Delicate pearls feel fresh. 60s floral prints use Gen Z Yellow to add vibrancy. Surplice suits are office-appropriate fashion items, bringing a leisure touch.

Sweet Style

All women love sweet styles. This season, soft tones and delicate pearls are important to create a girly mood.

Sweet Women's Style

Sweet Style—Pearls

Pearls or beads are orderly placed on neck, pocket or bodice. Garments decorated with pearls invite us to touch, conveying a luxurious and exquisite feel.

Alena Akhmadullina Fashion Style for Women

Soft Elegancy

Elegant wrapping and soft color blocking reinforce a feminine style. Cropped tops accentuate wearers’ slim waist.

Women's Fashion Style

Soft Elegancy—Renewed Classics

Optimistic prints and patterns add vibrancy. 60s floral graphics reveal a vintage fashion aesthetic.

Women's Fashion Style

Minimalist Style

Minimalist style gives a leisure feel. Colors are soft and understated, while silhouettes and fabrics are well-considered, contributing to comfortable looks.

Women's Fashion Clothing Style

Minimalist Style—Surplice Blazer

Neat suits work well for office ladies, conveying a sharp quality. This season, surplice bodice adds a feminine feel to suits.

Rosetta Getty fashion clothing style for women

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