Lebanese Designers Are Not Only Good At Shiny Handcrafts


Designers dazzle us with a variety of ethereal formal dresses on catwalks. It is interesting that many of them come from the same country in the Middle East – Lebanon.


The Middle East is famous for its oil industry, while Lebanon is rich in designers. The national conditions do not hinder the development of its fashion industry. Instead, Lebanese designers have won a good reputation worldwide. Shiny gowns from Elie Saab to Zuhair Murad provide visual feasts at Haute Couture Week. The unaffordable dresses are undoubtedly covetable.

Exquisite embroideries, luxurious crystals and diamonds are features of the dresses created by Lebanese designers. These ethereal gowns are well-considered.

Color, textile and silhouette are key for garments. In term of colors, elegant dresses often utilize light monochromes such as nude and pink for a refreshing feel. But light tones are not enough.



It is not easy for designers to experiment with colors but still maintains the authentic Lebanese style. Use sexy looks such as strapless design, slit and deep V neck to soften the intense or dark colors. Models wear formal dresses in light or dark shades, but they all exude a luxurious and elegant aesthetic.


Lebanese designers often employ draped and lightweight materials such as gauze, chiffon and silk, combining with simple X and H line to emphasize a flowing and ethereal style.



Embroidery and other handcrafts are also important. Lightweight materials are decorated with metallic fringes or rhinestones for an exquisite aesthetic. The dresses are voluminous but still accentuate wearers’ body shape.


Designers utilize crisp stains and panniers to complete graceful gowns. If the materials are not soft enough, they opt for decorations to give a feminine twist.


Intricate decorations restrict the silhouettes of dressing, so Lebanese designers often apply simple tailoring. Deconstructed design is not frequently seen. Handmade decorations play an important part, showing contrast or harmonious effects.



Lebanese designers rise on the international stage, but as time goes on, some of us think that they can only create ethereal dresses. These designers choose the same style, but use different references to make a statement. In addition to shiny sequins or diamonds, they employ cutting and colors to highlight a brilliant Lebanese style.

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