The Changing Elements at London Fashion Week

Dazzling Even Without Bright Colors

At New York Fashion Week, Colors are so dazzling. Although there is no fluorescent colors at London Fashion Week, the show is still eye-catching. Sequins, bright colors and light reflective fabric are attractive, and the design of garments are very simple. Common items with dramatic sequins and glossy materials seem more fashionable.

For example, Ashish’s design employs sequins in different and creative ways. There are subtle sequins, rainbow large sequins and strings of sequins or flower-shaped ones.

Ashish Fashion Clothing in Fashion Week

Halpern also uses sequins with the 1980s disco style. Julien Macdonald’s new item is almost perfect. Wherever you are with the item on, you are the star. Tempeley London uses sequins in a low-profile way, and you can even take part in graduation party with Tempeley London’s garments on. It is time for those who often visit night clubs to wear items with sequins.

Fashion Dresses

Artistic City With Impressionist Prints

New York’s prints are fine and subtle, while London’s prints are large and abstract. Figurative and Luxury style spearheaded by Gucci are not workable in London. If there is not an option of impressionist abstract prints, designers turn to solid color. Impressionist prints are not only the intrinsic pride and preseverance of the English, but the big success created by London Fashion Week in print industry.

There are many styles of artistic prints. As a leader, Mary Katrantzou directly prints artistic works of Picasso on items and makes simple segmentation on the original cloth. Temperley London’s prints are mostly from abstract paintings of architecture, using stripes and other simple elememts to create abstract patterns with a engineering aesthetic feeling.

printing fashion dresses in Fashion Week

Other brands’ abstract prints are also creative. There are Julien Macdonal’s astronomical scenes, Fashion East’s the moment of breaking of bubbles and waves at sunset and Peter Pilotto’s combination of bright color fabric and color blocks.

printing pattern fashion dresses

Transparent — The subtle feeling

As for the liberating of body, the English are more conservative than others. Nude beaches on American coasts are not often seen. The standard suit of English gentlemen demonstrates the protection of body. The sexiest element at London Fashion Show is transparency. Speaking of transparency, people always think of hot dancers’ black fishnet stockings. You would know what the subtle is if you attend the London Fashion Show.

Transparent fashion dresses on London Fashion Week

There are many ways to create transparency. Lace, gauze, cutout and even knit all have some kind of symbolic meaning respectively. To embody the charm of mature females, Victoria Beckham often chooses lace, which is made of natural fiber. To show the effect of abstinence, Ports 1961 prefers large mesh knit, which can be worn under suit or over dress to add depth and make a subtle feeling.

Delpozo fashion dresses


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